Hagen Bossdorf is a sports business consultant

with decades of experience as a TV journalist, marketer and university lecturer in the areas of strategy development and sports rights marketing. He works along with sports federations, TV channels, leagues, global brands and agencies, helping them grow and develop their business strategy in sports. This rich diversity of perspectives has allowed him to see the world of sports from a 360 degree view and to gain an all-encompassing understanding of his field.

Thanks to his involvement in international sports events since the 1990s, he has been able to grow a wealthy network of sports experts and professionals that continues to expand. Driven by his passion for sports and a strong belief in values and fair competition, he fulfills projects successfully with the benefit of his clients and partners as his primary goal.



Market analysis and implementations of digital media strategies.


Comprehensive marketing concepts for media rights and sponsorships.


Strategic consulting for sports organizations, leagues and brands.


Implementation of concepts for single and multi-sports events.

Hagen is the founder and Managing Director of Die Finals, an innovative concept of multi-sports event carried out in various locations throughout Germany. Die Finals GmbH is the organizing body for these annual national championships, which are made possible by the German public broadcasters ARD/ZDF and the alternating host cities.

The first edition of Die Finals took place in August 2019, in the city of Berlin, and included ten national championships. Some of the disciplines present in the event were athletics, swimming, gymnastics, boxing, canoe and triathlon to mention a few. With almost 200.000 spectators on-site in Berlin and millions of viewers of 20 hours of broadcasting by ARD/ZDF, the premiere was a much expected success.

The second edition of Die Finals was scheduled for June 2020. Unfortunately, the championships had to be cancelled due to the current coronavirus outbreak. Nevertheless, hands are at work to make the second edition of Die Finals finally happen in June 2021, once again in close cooperation with the partnering broadcasters ARD/ZDF. The 3rd edition of Die Finals with 190 national medal events in 14 sports took place in 2022 in Berlin. 2023 the cities of Düsseldorf and Duisburg host Die Finals with 18 sports. Die Finals GmbH is in charge of managing the overall coordination, planning and communication of the event.


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